Latest improvements to our apps

Whizkeys Tollroads for Android and iOS

Version 1.08 for Android includes some bugfixes and info on our latest addition - Garden State Parkway! The iOS versions will be updated as soon as the Garden State Parkway app has gone through Apple's review process.

Version 1.07 for both Android and iOS apps have been updated to 2012 editions!

Version 1.05 for our iOS apps are now in the Appstore! This new version enables the iOS5 SDK, implements multiple routes in external maps, and fixes a minor bug in displaying the activity monitor in ROI calculations.

Version 1.04 (iOS) and Version 1.05 (Android) for Indiana, Ohio, Penna, New Jersey and E-470 are now available on Android and iOS! This version includes several update, including a UI refresh, better support for iPad (for the iOS version), better location acquisition, small bugfixes for New Jersey, ability to view the FAQ, review the app and view other apps from your app, better presentation of ROI calculations, etc. Enjoy!

Version 1.03 (iOS) and Version 1.04 (Android) for Indiana, Ohio, Penna and New Jersey are now available on Android and iOS! This version includes information on all the amenities available at various service plazas. Check it out! This version also includes a few stability and performance improvements and its a free update so please check it out! And keep the reviews and feedbacks coming. This feature was actually requested by one of our users. Thank you all for the support.